Physical Education

Physical Education aims to develop the whole child physically, morally, spiritually, psychologically and socially. It is the departmental hope that P.E. is viewed as not just play, but imparting life skills to pupils,  fostering the desire to achieve and at the same time building oneness, all underlined by strong Gateway Core Values. Physical Education teaches self-discipline as those who succeed are self-disciplined people. When teaching P.E, emphasis should be on the development of Godly attitudes and living Godly lives, than just achievement.

The ability to comprehend, apply and coordinate various sports skills by pupils should contribute to mental growth, personal organisation and development of a personal faith in Christ as the giver of talents. Drilled properly, pupils should be seen to appreciate the beauty of sport, for indeed, it is beautiful.

Physical Education lessons are incorporated into the morning time table and allows students the opportunity to various skills, Gateway Primary depend on parents to ensure students can swim a with of a pool without touching the bottom. Swimming coaches contact information is available from our enrollment secretaries office.