Music Department

Music is offered both as a classroom subject and in the afternoons in various forms, as an extra-curricular activity. Each class has a single half-hour music lesson each week. The children are taught to hear and respond to music, to sing, & to learn about rhythm patterns, pitch, dynamics, types of dance, instrument recognition, music through the ages, music around the world, classical composers and basic music theory.  We also explore Christian contemporary music as an alternative to secular music.

In the afternoons we have a variety of musical activities provided  in the form of clubs for your children. This includes Choir, Marimbas, Guitar and Tambourine dance.  We have private instrument lessons, held at the school but taught by private tutors, for an extra fee.  These lessons include piano, violin, guitar and drums.

We participate annually in the Allied Arts Eisteddfod  as well as a Musical/Drama production.  There is also an opportunity for the children to reach out to the community with music at least once a year.

Music plays a vital part in the education of children and we aim to give them a well-rounded knowledge of all the facets of Music as well as the opportunity to enjoy and participate in it.