Parent Portal

We recently expanded our school software system with a Parent Portal, which enables you to view your child’s progress online.  This feature is situated in our school student database and is called Senatical.

A workshop was held to introduce the parent portal to our parents and if you missed it please remember to collect your starter pack from the reception as soon as possible. The parental portal features for this term will include:

  • Access to all your children (s) past report cards.
  • Term 2 and 3 report cards 2024
  • Achievements
  • Special Homework or assignments / TimeTable
  • Communication Dashboard
  • Viewing of their Merit and Conduct
  • Viewing Green / Yellow / Red Cards
  • Viewing your contact information, medical aid information and any other information linked. This way you can see what information we have and what information we missing.

Keeping the family connected and enabling them to build stronger relationships is important to us as a school.   The parent portal will allow you to see the school activities of your child and follow up on areas that need input from parents to help grow the child’s character.

To enable parents to log into the parent portal from school you will be able to use the Gateway Primary Wi-Fi.  By logging onto Parent Portal on wi-fi you can access not only the parent portal but also d6 now.  Password: gwpvisitor

Below we have included some instructions for a smooth start. We take the security of your personal data very seriously. Here are a few steps to follow before you can first log in.

  1. Navigate to the school’s Senatical Web address, which is  this will open the Login page
  2. Click the “Don’t know your password?” link this will open the Request new password page (Note the e-mail address you gave us at enrollment was used to link you to this site so if you don’t get the e-mail and it has not gone to spam or trash or junk folder you need to notify our enrollment secretary to change your e-mail address. Contact for assistance).
  3. Click the “Don’t know your username?” link this will open the Request username page
  4. Fill out your email address as the school registers it. If it fails please visit the school and confirm your email address with the receptionist.
  5. Click Submit to request the username to be sent to you your personal username will now be automatically emailed to your email address
  6. Navigate back to the Request new password page and fill out the username received per email
  7. Click submit to request the password to be sent to you your personal password will now be automatically emailed to your email address.
  1. Navigate to the Senatical Login Page
  2. Fill out the personal username and password as received per the email
  3. Click Login this will open the Home page
  4. At the bottom of the Home page, there is a “Change password” link, which allows entering a new password if desired
  5. Click the My parent profile link from the main menu on the left this will open the personal Parent profile page which displays your personal details as well as a list of your children.
    • Each child has a green View icon on the right-hand side;
    • where children who are not on the register due to non-payment of School fees;
    • outstanding late collection fines ; missing textbooks et cetera your computer will display “Payment pending” instead of the View
    • At any stage you can return to this page by clicking the My parent profile link from the main menu on the left;
    • in addition, you can navigate back to a previous page via the breadcrumb links at the bottom of each page
  6. Click the green View icon next to a child this will open the Student profile of the child, displaying the Personal tab
  7. Depending on the school’s setup, several tabs may be available to assess your child’s progress.
  8. Legal note: The Senatical Parent Portal is for your use as a parent. It is not for your child’s use.

Abuse of software is a serious offence. Whoever knowingly tries to access the school's school management system, or parts thereof, without authorization or tries to exceed authorized access or tries to alter the system or tries to cause the system to malfunction, or creates such opportunity for others, can be prosecuted, irrespective of whether such attempts are successful.

Each parent is entitled to have his or her own personal username. You are responsible for any activity that occurs through your account and it is strictly forbidden to sell, transfer, license or assign your account, username, or any account rights. Should there be a situation where this portal is being misused your account will be suspended and further action may be taken.