The Role of Class Parent Representatives

The PAC requests that each class selects one CPR (Classroom Parent Representative)

Class Parent Representatives play an important role in the Gateway Primary school.  This role greatly benefits everyone within a class, assisting with communication between Parents and Teachers.  Class Parent Representatives or CPR’s are either nominated by a teacher or are parent volunteers that take on the role.  In the early weeks of each new school year - this role should be filled.  The purpose of these guidelines is to help parents understand the purpose and level of input for the Class Parent Representative role.

Making contacts at school is valuable for the children and the parents to share ideas about children and schooling. (Although not on the group, please)  You will need to email Mrs Nyashanu at e[email protected] our enrolments secretary for a class list that contains the e-mail addresses and cell numbers for the class.

The CPR’s role is to set up a WhatsApp group for the parents and the class teacher, during the first few weeks of term 1. It is not compulsory to be a part of the group, but if you are not you will miss out on valuable information.

Once you have set up the group, please get in touch with Lyn Bete -  so that you can be added to the CPR Group where all the information comes from and where most discussions take place.  (We do find it hard to all meet and so find this works the best, however, we do try to meet  at least once a term)

CPR’s are asked to make new families welcome to the school, help them settle into the school’s culture and community, and also say goodbye to anyone leaving the school. This can be done by introducing new parents to others at any opportunity and updating the class list which is then sent to everyone.  A farewell could be just a simple card from the class to the child or family.

Please pass on ALL information to your classes about upcoming events, If your child’s class is doing a Friday Assembly, check with the teacher if any props are needed for the assembly,  change of dates, special occasions etc

The Role of a CPR is to work closely with the Teacher, avoiding any extra work load being put on the teacher with regards to finding out information about the class.  If you are asked a question as a CPR and you do not know the answer, please privately message the teacher or the CPR group for guidelines on how to answer this

All Teachers should be on the CPR groups, but if they do not want to be, you will need to have their number so you can communicate with them privately.

Collections may be required for such things as, Sponsored Spelling, Sponsored Walk, a gift or fundraising events such as the Family fun day.  Please note the PAC now have a SWIPE CARD MACHINE and will be notifying us of when it is possible to swipe for such things above.  The PAC are very good at providing prizes for classes that bring in money the fastest and the most money so do try to encourage your class and maybe have a competition to try to motivate Parents.

Please remember to always be kind, whats App’s can be read in many different ways, so do be aware of that.

At the end of the year, a CPR may choose to collect money for a class gift.  Many families may choose to give a gift individually, but this is another option that you may choose to take, and it is always lovely to show thanks to a teacher.  Please also find out your Teacher’s birthday so you can help Him or Her to feel special on that day.

Family fun day is usually the biggest Fundraiser that Gateway offers and it is usually in the third term.   When the time comes around, you will need to work together with your classes to come up with a stand, decorations etc.  You will need to have various families to help man the stand for an hour at a time and it will be your job to oversee this and run with it.  This will be a lot easier if you have been successful in building relationships.  If we all work together the load is a lot easier.

Building relationships with your class is SO important.  It is remembering the small things like birthdays, awards, merit etc.  Whilst it might not always be possible for you to know these things, it is amazing what your child will tell you about his or her peers.

Many CPR’s are very active in their role, and go above and beyond, organising coffee mornings for mums/dads or a end of year class Christmas party within the classroom. (If arranging such an event or activity please be aware of the class schedule and make sure it is passed by the Teacher).  Whilst this is not necessary it is a nice touch.  Do your best to always encourage the Parent body and realise they are the same as us, just doing the best they can and wanting the best for their children

Please send screen shots of homework to assist others who have left books at school and are unsure of the homework if necessary.  We obviously do not want this occurring every night as our children do need to be responsible about writing down their homework at school.  We do realise they are still young and have a lot to remember daily.

CPRs have to forward communication from the PAC Chairman within 24 hours of receiving the message.  If unable to do so they need to communicate this to the PAC or find an alternative parent to assist in this event.

If you are going away and are unable to for fill your CPR duties during the term, it is your responsibility to find another person in your class that you can forward messages on to, so that the information is still able to get out.  If you are not going to be on WhatsApp whilst you are away, please let Lyn Bete know of your stand-in person so we can add them to the main CPR group.

If you travel a lot or are not often in the country it is not advisable that you offer to be CPR

Please note - we do not want the passing on of chain letters or informative emails about anything to do with the country, police, the weather etc

No selling of products or any sort on this platform.

No Prayers for anyone other than someone in the class.

We are filled with lots of information as it is and we get it from all angles, unless it is to do with Gateway, please DO NOT forward it, we do not want parents leaving the groups due to information overload.

These groups are for CLASS business only, and messages should not be sent out after 8:30pm

If you are needing to have a conversation with the CPR, please do this privately and not on the group, to respect others who do not need to be receiving the information

Please can each grade form their own CPR group, for example all the Grade 4’s - Blue, Red, Yellow and Green so that they can communicate about their Grades issues, like catering for a function that will only affect your Grade and Family Fun day when it draws closer.

Please do not use this platform to gossip or say negative things about Gateway, we are a part of TEAM GATEWAY and we want to love, respect and support our school - no school is perfect